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  • junij 28, 2019
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KuCoin – 27.06.2019

To celebrate Cryptoindex (CIX100) being listed on KuCoin, we have provided 37,500 CIX100 to give away to eligible participants.

The Trading Lottery Competition will run from 00:00:00 on June 28, 2019, to 23:59:59 on July 03, 2019 (UTC+8).

During the competition period, we will count the Non-Instantly-Executed Order Amount by the user on the CIX100 pair every day (from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59).

The “Non-Instantly-Executed Order Amount” indicates the “Amount of Orders” where the execution time (the time from being placed to being executed) has exceeded 10 seconds.

Drawing Number:

The user will receive a 4-digit hexadecimal draw number for every 100 CIX100 based on the user’s daily non-instant trading volume. We will conduct a round of draws daily, with 6 rounds in total.

Lottery Number Per Round:

The last four digits of the hash value of the first block after 14:00:00 (UTC+8) the next day on Ethereum is used as the lottery number.

Lottery Rules:

  • Daily rewards pool: 6,250 CIX100
  • The users’ drawing numbers will be notified via email before 14:00:00 (UTC+8) the next day, with the announcement of the lottery number coming before 14:30:00 the next day.
  • The drawing number that matches the lottery number is considered as the winning number. If there is no winning number, then the rewards pool of the round will be added to the next round of prize pools. If there are multiple winners, they will evenly split the reward pool of the round. Meanwhile, each round of the user’s drawing number will be void after the draw is completed.
  • If in the last round of the lottery (round 6 on July 03, 2019, UTC+8), there is no winning number, then the Drawing Number(s) with the smallest difference will be the winning number. If there are multiple winning numbers, they will evenly split the cumulative prize pool. (The user’s drawing number and the lottery number will be converted to decimal to calculate the difference on the last round of lottery).


  • The Sub-Accounts and Master Account will be treated as the same account when participating in the activity.
  • Awards and winners will be distributed and announced within 3 days of the end of the activity.
  • KuCoin reserves the right of final interpretation of the activity.
  • KuCoin reserves the right to disqualify trades that are deemed to be wash trades or display attributes of market manipulation.

Thanks for your support!

The KuCoin Team

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